Leisure time in america reading answers

Hi there, I'm planning to retake the test. Please review this essay for me. I really appreciate it. The table presents statistical data on the changes in the hour being spent on six distinct hobbies by seven groups of age in Someland.

An overview from this chart highlights the fact that almost all of the hours for entertainments diminished, with the noticeable exceptions of socialising with less people and individual exercise. To be more specific, the majority of the teenagers stated that they were partial towards watching TV and videos at hours per year, while none of the over people were keen on group sports 0 hours.

In other sectors, individual exercise remained stable in the figures at exactly hours each year by the 30s and the following age group. As regards the entertainment time, in spite of the high hours being used by the youngsters hoursthe data of group exercise plummeted until 0 in the end of the lifespan. It is clearly seen that while there was a slight rise in the level of socialising with four or less people from to hours, inversely, we can see a collapse in that of interacting with more than four partners until 25 from hours per year between the youngest and the oldest groups of age.

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A glance at the line graph provided reveals the population figures for various types of turtles in India over year period between to You missed an international flight due to a problem at the airport.

Write a letter to the airline. In your letter: - Describe what happened that caused. Writing Task 1. Writing Task 2. Letter Feedback. Essay Feedback. Writing Band 7. Follow ieltsbuddy. Recent Articles. Connect with us. Search site search by freefind advanced.Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that improve the mind, such as reading and doing word puzzles.

Other people feel that it is important to rest the mind during leisure time. Discuss two views and give your opinion. Nowadays, with busy lifestyles, there is little time for people to entertain. Therefore, selecting what to do in spare time is fairly prime. Some suggest that it is better to do activities boasting the mind like reading and solving word puzzles. Whereas in contrast, others want to relax their brain completely in leisure time.

Before giving my opinion, I will discuss both sides of view. First of all, doing mental activities is beneficial. When we read or play puzzles, our brain still work at lower capacity in comparison with normal status.

It means that the mind in leisure and working time is not much significantly different. Hence, we can remain our adaptation to working pressure despite of the fact that we are free quite a while. Nevertheless, a great number of people long for their brain to relax thoroughly. In weekdays, they spend eight hours per day to work and the pressure of job makes them exhausted. They are bored with mental activities as their brain are stimulated continuously for job so they need something which is really discrepant even contrast.

From personal thesis, I think that no way outstrips other due to two ways are appropriate for various circumstances. Like for instance, if I have to do enormous workload in office hours, I will likely choose the second way to spend my leisure time.

On the other hand, providing that my job is not much uptight, I may challenge my friend to play puzzle or find a peaceful place read some books. Some suggest that it is better to do activities that boost the mind like reading and solving word puzzles, whereas, in contrast, others want to relax their brain completely in their leisure time.

I will discuss both points of view. When we read or play puzzles, our brain still works at a lower capacity in comparison with its normal status. It means that the mind in leisure and working time is not significantly different. Hence, we can retain our ability to work under pressure despite the fact that we are free for quite a while. Nevertheless, a great number of people long for and need their brain to relax thoroughly. In weekdays, they spend eight hours per day working and the pressure of their job makes them exhausted.

They are bored with mental activities as their brains are stimulated continuously in their job so they need to do something which is very different. In conclusion, I think that one way is not better than the other way.Work is surely worship but then there is so much more than work. Life is when you let your work take a chill pill and relax some time with people you love doing things that you enjoy doing. I love reading and writing when I have some free time available.

leisure time in america reading answers

Apart from these, I also like playing badminton. So, whenever I do get time, I usually read, write or play badminton.

leisure time in america reading answers

For relaxation, I prefer taking a short nap. It could be either for 20 minutes or may be an hour. But, nothing helps me relax better than some sleep. During the weekdays, most part of the evenings usually gets lost doing the office work. But, during weekends, I work on my blog for the entire day and so during evenings I usually spend some time with my friends, going on long walks together or have dinner at their place.

There is nothing much that can be done after work because it really becomes quite tiring. So, most of the times I am either working on my blog or writing something or some drafts, here and there. I love taking long walks. So, if I am not busy at something during evenings, I usually take long walks with my friends or for that matter even alone at times. I think it depends on the kind of modern lifestyle an individual is leading. So, a person doing a corporate job might have less time to spare for leisure activity but probably a person who does freelancing will find more time to leisure.

Not because a work is less time consuming but because the way things get done in each. Even more, I think it all depends on how the person sets priorities for themselves. I certainly believe that people are more busy when compared with their past counterparts. Earlier people lived a content life but with changing times people are less satisfied with what they have and are always on the look out of doing more.

This has made lives much more hectic than ever. Leisure is the one thing that makes the life worth living. I surely believe that apart from the daily mundane activities a person should always try to do things that makes him or her happy. It could be either something that he or she likes doing or could even be some person one likes spending time with. It is only through this that a person is able to enjoy life. I believe it is not about young and old, it is more about individuals. I have seen old people party harder than some of the young chaps out there and then some young people reading better than the wiser older people.

In my opinion, it is all about the individual choices that people make. Well, I love travelling not only because everyone else does but because for me travelling teaches so much more to me than anything else can ever do. Also, travelling allows me to explore myself and the world in ways that opens up my horizons, giving me a broader aspect of life.

I think I would like to take my child to library and a field could be of any game as part of leisure activity.

Also, I would love to travel with my child because in my opinion, a child learns so much more from travelling, history and art than he or she can ever learn from any of the text books or any motivational videos. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Do you prefer staying at home or going out during evenings?We actually have more leisure time, and quite a bit more. What counts as leisure is up for argument, but under every definition the numbers have gone up. We get about 45 minutes a day of extra leisure. Then why does it feel like we have so much less? It might be because we waste half of all our leisure time watching television.

The average American adult devotes 2. And for every additional hour we get free, another 30 minutes goes into that boob tube. So if you want more free time, I recommend one thing: turn it off. This is easier said than done, especially during the world series. When I was growing up, my mom had one piece of advice for me, and she said it every single morning.

Come join the 6. There's even 3 million people who enjoy a sport called 'muzzleloading,' which involves shooting a gun that looks years old. And at the end of the day, there's a thing in your kitchen called a stove. Turn it on and invite people over. Getting a free meal, I suppose.

We can do better, America. If we're going to watch so much television, can't we at least invite friends over to watch? Caring for non-household members 13 min. Religious, civic duties 16 min. Caring for family 20 min. Educational activities 28 min. Buying goods, services 38 min.

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Eating, drinking 1 hr. Household activities 1 hr. Work-related 4 hr. Watching TV 3 hr. Personal care, sleep 9 hr.Some people believe that people must do activities that develop mind during leisure time such as reading. With the advancement in technology, the world is moving at a faster pace than ever before. People are doing more things and juggling between different activities, leaving them with little leisure time.

Some people believe that during this time, activities that involve mind work should be done, however others are of the opinion that one must relax and keep mind at peace during leisure time. Doing less of any activity during leisure time makes sense to many for different reasons. Firstly, after working for so many hours or days, one needs some time to relax.

Secondly, everyone has their own choices and priorities. Like, a doctor who is already tired of working throughout the day might not prefer a five kilometers run. However, doing mind work during leisure time is an effective way of relaxing for those who are involved mostly in physical work. For example, a footballer who is most of the time either practicing football or playing a game, might prefer reading a book during the leisure time.

Overall, in my opinion, what a person chooses to do depends entirely on the kind of work they do otherwise. Although reading or doing mind activity is right for some, others can very rightly prefer another activity.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign me up for the newsletter! You should spend 40 minutes on this task. Write at least words. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Open chat. Powered by.Firstly, read the text and answer the questions below.

leisure time in america reading answers

Then, press "check" and proceed to the next section. You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 1—16which are based on Reading Passage 1 below. Americans are generally known for having a positive outlook on life, but with the countdown for November's presidential election now well under way, polls show voters are angry.

This may explain the success of non-mainstream candidates such as Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders. But what is fuelling the frustration? Candidates have sensed the mood and are adopting the rhetoric. Donald Trump, who has arguably tapped into voters' frustration better than any other candidate, says he is "very, very angry" and will "gladly accept the mantle of anger" while rival Republican Ben Carson says he has encountered "many Americans who are discouraged and angry as they watch the American dream slipping away".

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders says: "I am angry and millions of Americans are angry," while Hillary Clinton says she "understands why people get angry".

Here are five reasons why some voters feel the American dream is in tatters. Household incomes have, generally speaking, been stagnant for 15 years. There is also a sense that many jobs are of lower quality and opportunity is dwindling, says Galston. On the left it is the billionaires, the banks, and Wall Street. On the right it is immigrants, other countries taking advantage of us and the international economy - they are two sides of the same political coin.

America's demographics are changing - nearly 59 million immigrants have arrived in the US sincenot all of whom entered the country legally. It projects this trend will continue, and by non-Hispanic white people will make up less than half the population. Bymore Asians than any other ethnic group are expected to move to US.

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Some older, whiter voters do not recognise the country they grew up in. There is a sense of alien tribes," he says. The US currently has Migrants often become a target of anger, says Roberto Suro, an immigration expert at the University of Southern California.

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We saw that very clearly when Donald Trump switched from [complaining about] Mexicans to Muslims without skipping a beat after San Bernardino," he says, referring to the shooting in California in December that left 14 people dead. Six out of 10 Americans think the government has too much power, a survey by Gallup suggests, while the government has been named as the top problem in the US for two years in a row - above issues such as the economy, jobs and immigration, according to the organisation.

People feel more distant from their government and sour on it," she says. William Galston thinks part of the appeal of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is down to frustration with what some see as a failing system. Ted Cruz, who won the Republican caucuses in Iowa, is also running as an anti-establishment candidate. Seventy percent of Americans also think the US is losing respect internationally, according to a poll by the centre. The rise of China, the failure to defeat the Taliban and the slow progress in the fight against the so-called Islamic State group has contributed to the anxiety.

The American reaction to the San Bernardino shooting was different to the French reaction to the Paris attacks, says Galston. There is an impression that the US government is failing in its most basic obligation to keep country and people safe. Democrats and Republicans have become more ideologically polarised than ever. The study also found that the share of Americans with a highly negative view of the opposing party has doubled, and that the animosity is so deep, many would be unhappy if a close relative married someone of a different political persuasion.

This polarisation makes reaching common ground on big issues such as immigration, healthcare and gun control more complicated. The deadlock is, in turn, angering another part of the electorate. They aren't totally disengaged, they don't want to see Washington gridlocked, but they roll their eyes at the nature of this discourse," says Paul Taylor.

This group includes a lot of young people and tends to eschew party labels. Conducted poll in December says that most Americans are with the way that hing are going.Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer 1: Many people believe that it is significant using spare time for things that enhance the mind, for instance, reading and doing word puzzles.

The others think that it is vital to relax the mind during spare time. In my opinion, I agree that people should use leisure time for activities which improve the mind.

In one hand, some people have very exhausting jobs. Therefore, they would like to relax during leisure time, so they do not want to do anything within this time. They think they need to rest. Moreover, many people are lazy, for this reason, they do not keen to do activities to improve the mind. For instance reading a book and doing sudoku puzzles. On the other hand, many people have stressful jobs too, but they like to enhance the mind.

Therefore, they do many things within leisure time such as reading a novel, solving puzzles, doing exercises which are useful for improving the mind. I think that people who utilise spare time doing activities that boost the mind are more successful than others who love to use spare time for relaxing. Finally, in my opinion, people should use their leisure time to improve the mind.

Reading top leisure activity for Americans: poll

For this reason, people should do anything which is useful for enhancing the mind. So they always do something to be more successful.

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Furthermore, I think some activities are so relaxing while they improve the mind. Such as doing sudoku puzzles.

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Moreover, I think, leisure time should be used effectively since it is so precious. Sample Answer 2: Nowadays people are divided on the issue how to utilise leisure time effectively. One line of thought believes there should be mind-twisting activities to develop mind but on the other hand, there are those who affirm with this notion that it is better to rest.

I am partial accord with this ideology. In following paragraphs, I will shed light on arguments to supporting my views. To launch into the topic, as according to some people rest is necessary to keep our mind fresh and healthy and up to some extent it is right. Giving rest to mind revitalise it, helps to think better.

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Moreover, as our body is not a machine, so respite is mandatory. So up to some extent ,it is mandatory to take a respite for some time. On the flip side, in the modern era, cut throat competition is going on in every domain, so developed minds can attain success. So these types of activities play a pivotal role in life.

Activates like reading books can also play a role in broadening our knowledge, which will be helpful in later life.